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Harry Potter Wizard iContest

Wizarding iContest!
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Icons Challenges on the Harry Potter Fandom.

*** We are currently on Hiatus. ***

Welcome to wizard_icontest, an icon challenge dedicated to the Harry Potter movies. Every Monday we will put up a new challenge, featuring two categories. These contest will include: a capture challenge and the theme challenge. Check out our previous challenges for examples! If you're still lost, there are several important links in the sidebar. The Affiliate post is here. Feel free to contact a maintainer with any questions, comments, or concerns!

Special thanks to beybey16510 for creating the images of the layout!
The Harry Potter Mood Theme has been made by miss_kallahan.

[1] Icons must fit the Live Journal standards: No bigger than 100x100 px and 40 KB, in either PNG, JPG or GIF format.

[2] There are several different contests in each challenge. Please be sure to read the rules for each contest very carefully because they all differ. If you plan on entering more than one category, please enter them all in ONE COMMENT, specifying which go to each contest. They're easier to keep track of that way!

[3] Post the icons in a comment to the challenge post, in both IMG SRC form and URL form. We recommend uploading your images at ImGur or Photobucket. If your icon doesn't show up, it won't be featured in the contest.

[4] You may only enter brand new, original icons made specifically for the challenges here. You may NOT use icons you've already made, or use bases/blanks from other people. Please do NOT follow a tutorial/copy someone else's work when entering a challenge here! You need to make your icons from scratch! And last, but not least, your icons submitted here may NOT be used in another icontest, or vice versa.

[5] Following the same thought pattern we will ask your icons to be as diverse as possible. It's alright if you use similar textures here and there, we just don't want all your icons to look exactly the same. While we won't automatically discharge your icons because of this, we will give you warnings and might eventually disqualify them if we see you pay no attention to them.

[6] Your icons may not contain any explicit content, like nudity or profanity, but abbrevations (ie: "OMG" & "WTF") are acceptable. Keep in mind that this community is for ALL AGES. Though your icons may not offend the majority of people here, any "offensive" material on display here violates LJ TOS and could result in this community being suspended.

[7] The contest will be anonymous, (ie: comments screened, entries uploaded to community account for polls) so DO NOT post your icons elsewhere, including your own journal, until after the results are posted.

[8] Do not vote for yourself! Do not ask others to vote for you! Doing this defeats the whole purpose of this challenge and will get you disqualified!

[9] Only community members are allowed to vote, but you don't have to be an icon maker to join the community! Feel free to join just to take part in the voting.

[10] If you snag anything, remember to ask the artist's permission and credit them in your keywords. The contest entries will be unscreened once voting is over so you may contact them. Please note that multiple thefts will get you banned.

[11] If all the rules stated above are not followed, the icon(s) will be disqualified.

Challenge Posted: Monday aroud 6-10pm (central)
Challenge Ends: Monday 10pm (central)
Voting Begins: Monday after 10pm (central)
Voting Ends: Wednesday around 6-10pm (central)
Winners Announced: Wednesday After Voting Ends
... and repeat...

* Not sure about the time differences? Check here.

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